Shipping & Taxes

While we wish we could fulfill your order and next day air it, we do our absolute best to get your items to you in a timely manner.


When you complete and order from Southern Recognition, you have the opportunity to choose your shipping method in checkout. We do our best to fulfill orders within 2-5 business days. Some items we produce are custom upon ordering and have extended production times. Some items we produce also require additional shipping due to item value or size. 

Those items include but are not limited to cap and gowns, class rings, class jewelry, letterman awards and class of yard signs. 

Our most frequented question is "will my cap and gown be shipped home to me?" The answer is dependant upon the school board and school administration. Some schools have opted to have their cap and gowns shipped directly home to the student, while the majority would still like to have a formal cap and gown distribution becuase it is part of the Senior experience. 

Taxes are assessed using the address that you manually input that is associated with your order. All federal, state and county taxes are asssed to all orders. The only exception is if the school or organization is purchasing an item for their purposes and has a tax exempt certificate.